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Collect, modify and trade bio assets on the blockchain

What is Cryptocells?

We're developing games & collectibles on the blockchain with a true purpose and real life benefits & rewards

Cryptocells is crowdsourcing innovation through gamification to drive user engagement - with the goal of saving human lives.
The tokenized, collectible, modifiable, tradeable and potentially real bio assets foster innovations in biotech and medical science.


Cryptocells aims to contribute to solutions to the following problems:

Antibiotics & Multiresistant Bacteria

More than 10 million people a year could die from antibiotic-resistant bacteria (“Superbugs”), warns a United Nations report.

Bacteria like Acinetobacter baumannii, resistant to almost every antibiotic in the pharmacological arsenal, are on the rise. In a 2019 report called No Time to Wait, the United Nations warned that by 2050, multidrug resistant infections could kill upwards of 10 million people a year around the world (Source).

Almost all big pharma companies have stopped antibiotic research, because “they aren’t profitable enough” (Source).

Currently Incurable Diseases

We're lacking reliable, effective treatments

Thanks to major scientific breakthroughs, numerous diseases that used to be fatal are now curable. However, much work needs to be done to find cures for many other illnesses including Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Lupus, Polio, Asthma, Schizophrenia. Science has been able to develop various treatments to prolong life expectancy and improve the quality of life for those affected. However, as of today, we’re lacking reliable, effective treatments.

Organ & Donor Shortage

500 people die every day waiting for transplants

There’s a worldwide shortage of organs. In the United States alone, eighteen people die every day in the US alone waiting for transplants, and a new patient is added to the organ transplant list every 10 minutes. Much of the problem surrounds the lack of registered donors, and many of these patients will die waiting.

Wrong Treatment

Every minute five patients die from incorrect medical treatment, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Every year, 2.6 million people die in middle and low-income countries because of incorrect medical care, according to a recent report published by the World Health Organization (WHO). The health agency is hoping to shed light on the issue by launching a campaign in solidarity with patients on the first-ever World Patient Safety Day on September 17. (Source)

Infections & Long Diagnostic Periods

Diagnostic procedures can take as long as 48 hours

Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition that develops from the body’s overactive response to an infection. The global burden of morbidity and mortality from sepsis is significant. Studies estimate that sepsis may contribute to over five million deaths every year. Especially the time-dependent nature of the diagnostic procedure is a problem as current tests can take as long as 48 hours. Scientists say a new test for sepsis could cut diagnosis times from days to minutes, but it may take up to five years “to actually being used in a clinical setting”. (Source)

Crowdsourcing Solutions Through Gamification

Non-Fungible Bio-Asset Tokens


Crowdsourced Protein Folding

A game anyone can play! Proteins are everywhere and thus also part of many diseases. But they can also be part of the cure. This game is designed to find new ways of folding proteins (learn more). Participants can easily create new proteins that could contribute to preventing or even treating diseases. Cryptocells will provide an online puzzle video game for protein folding. The objective is to fold the structures of certain proteins as efficiently as possible. The best solutions will be analysed by researchers, who will determine if the structural configuration can be applied to relevant proteins in the real world to foster innovations in the fight against diseases. If that’s the case the players will be rewarded accordingly.


Crowdsourced CRISPR/Cas9 Gene-Editing

A game anyone can play! CRISPR/Cas9 is a relatively new and unique technology that enables geneticists and medical researchers to edit parts of the genome by altering, removing or adding sections of a DNA sequence. CRISPR-Cas9 has a lot of potential as a tool for treating a wide range of medical conditions that have a genetic component (learn more). Cryptocells is developing an online game, in which players are being asked to modify their bio assets in a way that creates a RNA molecule, that is capable of acting as an on/off switch for the gene-editing tool. Scientists will then rebuild and test the actual molecules – based on the most promising designs provided by the players.


Crowdsourced 3D Organ Printing Development & Donor Matching

A printable organ is an artificially constructed device designed for organ replacement, produced using 3D printing techniques. The primary use of printable organs is in transplantation. Research is currently being conducted on artificial heart, kidney, and liver structures, as well as other major organs. For more complicated organs, such as the heart, smaller constructs such as heart valves have also been the subject of research. Some printed organs are approaching functionality requirements for clinical implementation, and primarily include hollow structures such as the bladder, as well as vascular structures such as urine tubes. Cryptocells aims to support research and development of 3D Replacement Organ Printing, as well as to enable an optimized organ donor matching through gamification. A game anyone should play!


Modifiable Collectible

The Bacteria is a collectible and breedable bio asset. With every new generation, there will be a new set of DNA. The main problem in the antibiotics crisis is that bacteria reproduce on average every 20 minutes – allowing them to quickly develop and adopt new defense mechanisms against antibiotics. However, it takes pharma companies roughly 10 years to bring a single antibiotic to market. Cryptocells aims to contribute to the development of new cures through gamifying and crowdsourcing the hunt for solutions.


Modifiable Collectible

The Virus is a collectible and breedable bio asset. With every new generation, there will be a new set of DNA, that can potentially be tested against potential cures. Cryptocells aims to contribute to the development of new cures through gamifying and crowdsourcing the hunt for solutions.


Modifiable Collectible

The Phage is a collectible and breedable bio asset. A phage is a virus that attacks and destroys bacteria. It is considered a promising tool in the fight against multiresistant bacteria. However, there are about 6,000 phages and research has just begun. With every new generation, there will be a new set of DNA, that can potentially be tested against potential cures. Cryptocells aims to contribute to the development of new cures through gamifying and crowdsourcing the hunt for solutions.

Challenges & Crowdfunding

Tapping into the power of the crowd

Targeted Contests

Crowdsourced Challenges

Cryptocells also enables companies and organizations to run short-term targeted crowd-driven contests for their unsolved problems with a deposited monetary prize pool. The participant submitting the best solution according to the requirements will win the prize.

Targeted Funding

Crowdfunded Partnerships

Cryptocells will allow start-ups, companies and organizations to run very specific crowdfunding campaigns. Platform participants may then back these projects by transferring tokens. Rewards are granted and awarded by the respective projects.

How does it work?

We believe that having a good mix of rewards - including public recognition, the very personal satisfaction of doing good, but also the tradeability of tokens - keeps the participants committed, eager and motivated to work harder on life-saving solutions.

Entry Token

Basic CC9 (ERC-20) Token

Cryptocells’ CC9 token is an ERC-20 utility token required to access the platform and to acquire modifiable bio assets. The CC9 token will be tradeable on cryptocurrency exchanges. Please find all token details here.

Bio-Asset Token

Modifiable Non-Fungible (ERC-721) Token

Starting October 14th 2019, CC9 tokens can be used to acquire modifiable Bio Asset tokens (such as Proteins, DNA, Organs, Bacteria, Viruses or Phages). All differentiated bio assets are Non-Fungible (ERC-721) Tokens with a unique “cryptocell DNA”. All NFTs will be tradeable on the Cryptocells marketplace via reverse auctions. There will only be 2,000 Generation 0 collectible tokens for each bio asset category. Following an evolutionary process, all bio assets are either bred to adopt new traits or modified manually through the games. Early-bird owners of CC9 tokens will get a head start 2 days prior to the public sale of the Gen 0 bio assets.

Collect, Play & Trade

Support innovation

Once you acquired your bio assets, you can either trade them on the cryptocells marketplace, or continue breeding them, or use them to play the cryptocells games to support research and to potentially develop innovations that help save lives in the real world. The single games will be launched according to our roadmap.

Contest Cash Prizes

Join the Challenge

As an owner of any bio asset, you’re entitles to participate in contests for specific unsolved problems with a monetary prize pool. The participant submitting the best solution according to the requirements will win the prize.

Crowdfunding Incentives

Back external innovations

As a token owner you may pledge your support to the development of promising innovations by transferring some of your tokens to the crowdfunding campaign. The rewards are granted and awarded by the projects themselves.

Intellectual Property

Claim your License Fees

Wherever suitable and possible, Cryptocells will grant intellectual property rights to the creator and register them on the blockchain to make sure the creator is entitled to receive license fees on his innovation (this does not apply to submissions in targeted contests). In cases of extraordinary innovations we will support the creators in filing patents and the Go-to-Market procedure.

Become a Lifesaver

Join the Community

Your activity on the cryptocells platform, as well as your game results are extremely valuable contributions to research and development of cures against many diseases. Help Saving Lives – Maybe Even Your Own!

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